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A brief history

History of foundation of imam sadigh university 
Imam sadigh university peace be upon him was founded in 1361 solar hijri (1983 AD AND 1402 AH hijri lunar) coincide with the anniversary of birth of Mohammad Mustafa (the chosen) peace be upon him and imam sadigh peace be upon him and it was led by imam Khomeini’s student and old friend(follower) ayatollah mahdivi kani.
the basic idea about foundation of imam sadigh peace be upon him university come from in 1350s before the Islamic revolution. Shah’s prisons were good opportunity to bring the great figure of fighting to gather and it help them to turn(convert transform) their result of thinking into idea for founding an Islamic university after being free.
Some person like master martyr motahari martyr bahonar martyr beheshti and ayatollah mahdavi cani were friends and fighters that they think about the future of movement after victory beside fight. So before victory of revolution they even prepare(formulate) the charter(status) for this center but it is normal (expected obvious) that Pahlavi’s regime didn’t give permission of founding a center like that.
Some years after victory of Islamic revolution in 1361 while the country crisis decrease those revolutionary friends decide to implement (operate out) that idea.  So imam sadigh university officially get started as first university after Islamic revolution and cultural revolution (closing university between years 58-62) and the first applicant were applied in bahman.
The members of The university’s Founding board were those fried that fight for revolution like
Majesty ayatollah Khamenei and majesties departed meshkini mahdavi kani amini imami kashani noori hamedani and etc. and other persons like dr.israfilian dr. navid dr. khanian and departed moeen. The board of trustee was chair by departed ayatollah montazeri before he had been discharged(dismissed) from leadership deputy.